On January 16, 2018

Pet Medical Professional Video Opening

At iHeartDogs.com we are committed to increasing pet health and happiness with all we do. We are looking for a Veterinarian or an experienced Vet Tech to help us communicate health and information to our millions of readers via recorded video series. Our goal this year is to launch 100 education videos that will change pet lives around the world. The videos will be shot and edited and posted on YouTube, Facebook, iHeartDogs.com and various other sites.

The initial time commitment is 4-6 hours every other week. All video shoots will be done on site in our Anaheim, CA office or close by. We may also opt to film at your location if the opportunity exists.

The best candidates will:

  1. Have solid knowledge and experience with all kinds of pet health issues and/or have the ability to research, reach out to peers and show up informed on key topics.
  2. Be good on camera and not afraid of being in front of audience. We are the #1 Dog site on the internet and you will be seen by a LOT of people around the world.
  3. Have a great communication style that is easy to understand. High energy a plus.
  4. Be professional and organized with attention to detail.
  5. Tech savvy with an understanding of how to use computers and digital resources for research. Ability to search pet studies, etc online.

Our position on pet health:

We believe in pursuing what is the most safe and effective solution for pets. We lean natural and holistic when we can and towards traditional medicine when the clear need is there.

We love the idea of a raw diet if possible but understand that is not something everyone can do.

We believe in spay and neuter and being a responsible owner.

The topics we would cover in this video series would include:

  • Health prevention and maintenance
  • Natural solutions to specific conditions (if they exist and are proven)
  • Probiotics for pets
  • Supplements and the benefit
  • Omegas for pets
  • Natural topicals for skin, paw, nose and specific ingredients
  • Community Q&A from our Facebook pages/groups
  • Safety around certain products, toys, etc.
  • Diet hacks, healthy eating,
  • Specific advice for senior dogs for quality of life

You will be given topics in advance of filming and you will have the ability to plan and process through. Some videos will be shot in a talking head style where you will be talking to the camera like you would your clients OR in Q&A style with a moderator.

The role pays hourly and on occasion a day rate – we can discuss that based on experience.

To apply, please send an email to mm@homelifemedia.com with the subject “Pet Medical Professional” and send your resume in a PDF file.



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