2015 Impact Report

We believe that when you focus on purpose and people, profits will soar. The following impact report details the areas in which HomeLife Media has focused on giving back a portion of profits in 2015.

Clean Water Well: Youria, Sierra Leone

Status: Completed, November 2015

Youria is a small, rural farming village in the country of Sierra Leone. Prior to the drilling of this clean water well, the villagers retrieved water from a nearby swamp. In addition, there was little to no sanitation training for the people of this community, leading to the unnecessary spread of preventable diseases.

After the completion of the well, the headman of the village was interviewed: “I’m very glad about this well which you have drilled for us. So many NGOs have promised to dig us a well but they never fulfilled. Only you people have fulfilled our dreams and have wiped away our tears and sorrows of the well. Even if they ask us to pay money for them to dig a well for us, we couldn’t afford any money. All what we have for you people is prayers and respect. May God continue to guide and protect you and even the donor. They send their money without knowing us. They dug a well for us. We will always tell our children and we are also ready to do anything for this well. You have given us this well and also hygiene training. That, we will never forget. God bles you all and keep on the good work that you are doing in this country.”

Provide Meals for Shelter & Rescue Dogs

Status: Ongoing Program

In May of 2015, we set out with the vision of helping as many shelter animals as possible. One of the largest expenses for shelters is the need for high quality food. We thought, what if every purchase in our store could help provide meals for shelter dogs? Turns out, customers LOVED the idea, and in only 6 months, we provided over 1 million meals through our exclusive partnership with RescueBank and GreaterGood.org.

Freeing Young Girls from Human Trafficking in Southeast Asia:

Status: 2 Rescues Completed, 2 Planned for 2016

Through an organization called Destiny Rescue, HomeLife Media funded 4 rescue operations to free young girls trapped in the bondage of human trafficking. The funds are used for the rescue operation itself, as well as the after-care for the girls. For privacy reasons, we do not receive actual photos or stories, but have been told that 2 of the missions have been completed, and 2 will take place in 2016.

Building a School in Guatemala

Status: Construction to Begin in 2016

In December of 2015, HomeLife Media teamed up with Pencils of Promise to build our first school in Guatemala. We haven’t yet received the full details, but in most cases the communities in which these schools are built lack a real school building, and children are often taught outdoors. In some cases, the existing school building is in shambles. The building project is scheduled to begin in early 2016. We’ll be sharing with you photos and videos of the project as they become available!