On February 12, 2015

Case Study: Lunchbox, Walmart & Big Pup Brands “Treat The Pups”

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“Treat The Pups” Holiday Campaign Case Study

A collaborative effort, the “Treat The Pups” campaign was a holiday social media effort with Walmart, Big Pup Brands, and Lunchbox. Walmart, one of the largest retailers in the country, has almost 11,000 retail stores in 27 countries, where more than 245 million customers shop weekly. Big Pup Brands is a trusted brand that encompasses pet food favorites and treats. Lunchbox is a shopper-engagement agency that helps guide shoppers to make purchases at their retail partners, and has over one billion site views. The hosting website, iheartdogs.com, is a website dedicated to providing curated content related to pet ownership, education, and adoption of dogs.

Walmart, Big Pup Brands and Lunchbox approached HomeLife Media with the concept of doing a highly social sharable campaign for their dog treat brands which include Milkbone, Pup-peroni and Milo’s Kitchen.

Why did they reach out or choose HomeLife Media and IHeartDogs.com?

IHeartDogs.com has the largest social footprint online reaching passionate dog owners. With over 8 million followers across social media and topping 300,000 email subscribers, IHeartDogs.com has the ability to engage pet owners on a wide level.

Campaign Details

The goal of the campaign was to help create a piece of highly sharable content that would drive individuals to the Walmart site and build highly positive brand awareness for Big Pup Brands. Because the campaign occurred around the holiday season, it’s target audience was pet owners who were seeking quality products and gifts for their beloved animals. It sought out the pet owner who is active on social media, and engaged in researching quality and trends for their animals.

We created a gingerbread house content piece that we felt would engage and encourage pet owners to treat their pups during the holiday season. We then shared this across our massive social media networks. The piece creatively used products from the collaborative companies to build a pet-safe gingerbread house, which was a clever way to engage the reader, as well as keep dogs safe from eating human holiday treats.

The content piece can be viewed here.

Campaign Results

The campaign was tremendously successful and went semi-viral across the IHeartDog.com Facebook pages. It concluded with 7,700 shares and over 5,000,000 impressions. In addition, it sent a tremendous amount of traffic to the Walmart website and the involved clients have plans for future campaigns.

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