On May 2, 2016

About HomeLife

Why “HomeLife”? The name “HomeLife” came from the desire to build a business that allowed its team members to have the best “home life” possible (time spent at home and with family, less stress,etc.) Because it is so important to us, we wanted it at the forefront of everything we do.

Who are we?

We are a team of passionate people who want to make a difference in the world wherever we can. Our main office is located in Anaheim, CA.

We successfully operate  iHeartDogs.com, iHeartCats.com, iHeartHorses.com, iHeartAnimals.com, TheDailyPositive.com and LifeAsMama.com while managing 110+ social media accounts focused around these niches. Our main focus is the”pets” vertical and our growing eCommerce business.

What we believe:

We firmly believe in positively impacting the world while building a business that allows us to spend more time with our families. In 2015 alone, we helped fund a well for a community in Sierra Leone, funded a school for kids in Guatemala, and donated to help save 2 women from sex trafficking as well as  fed 10,00,000+ shelter dogs — and we are just getting warmed up. (See all details here)

Where we are going:

We have our sights set on becoming the largest global pet brand (revenue, impact, reach), specifically by:

  1. Creating unique and exciting products/services that add a high level of intrinsic value to pets and their pet parents.
  2. Giving back to the communities we serve through transparent high leverage donation programs that make the biggest impact possible.
  3. Building a  team of talented, passionate achievers looking to make a serious impact in the world and contribute to something amazing while enjoying every minute of the journey.

What we love doing:

  1. Spending time with family and loved ones.
  2. Helping people.
  3. Creating amazing products and services that add real value to our users.
  4. Funding the rescuing, rehoming and feeding of dogs and cats. ( 10 million shelter dogs & cats fed to date!!!)
  5. Leveraging our success to impact the lives of others who are less fortunate through giveback initiatives.
  6. Rallying passionate people around important causes.
  7. Working remotely in our pajamas a few days per week.

Oh and this is our CEO, Splash. If you bring treats you are in for sure…






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