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HomeLife Media » 2015 In Review: The Work You Do Matters
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2015 In Review: The Work You Do Matters

Dear HomeLife Media team,

As we close out 2015, I wanted to express my heartfelt appreciation to you all for your hard work and dedication in 2015. This past year, we’ve accomplished a lot! The number of websites we operate increased to six. The number of products we ship every month grew by over 10 times! Along this process, our team has more than doubled in size.

In addition to our business growing leaps and bounds, more importantly our social impact grew as well. As you know, in May of 2015, we launched a partnership with RescueBank to use the sales of our products to fund meals for animal shelters. In 2015, we funded over 1.3 million meals for shelter & rescue dogs, and over 250,000 meals for shelter & rescue cats! Below is the video we released celebrating the milestone of donating 1 million meals.

Beyond our work with RescueBank, I wanted to share with you some additional ways we’re making a difference that many of you are not yet aware of. We believe that when you focus on people and purpose, profits will soar. Here are some additional ways that your hard work has produced profits that are being used for good in the world:


Our first clean water well, completed in November of 2015 in Sierra Leone.

  1. Building 2 Clean Water Wells in Sierra Leone, Africa: In November of 2015, the building of our first clean water well was completed in the village of Youria, Sierra Leone. Prior to the drilling of this well, the 250 people living in this village retrieved water from a nearby swamp. The village now has access to a clean water supply, which not only reduces waterborne illness, but allows the community to focus on things other than retrieving water each day. You can see some amazing before and after photos here as well as a video of the village celebrating the completed well. Construction is set to begin on our next well in early 2016.
  2. Building a School in Guatemala: In December of 2015, HomeLife Media teamed up with Pencils of Promise to build our first school in Guatemala. We haven’t yet received the full details, but in most cases the communities in which these schools are built lack a real school building, and children are often taught outdoors. In some cases, the existing school building is in shambles. The building project is scheduled to begin in early 2016. We’ll be sharing with you photos and videos of the project as they become available!
  3. Freeing Young Girls from Human Trafficking in Southeast Asia: Through an organization called Destiny Rescue, HomeLife Media funded 4 rescue operations to free young girls trapped in the bondage of human trafficking. The funds are used for the rescue operation itself, as well as the after-care for the girls. For privacy reasons, we do not receive actual photos or stories, but have been told that 2 of the missions have been completed, and 2 will take place in 2016.

I can’t overemphasize the fact that your hard work has made these projects possible. We can’t wait to share with you more updates as these projects develop in 2016!

The Story and “Why” Behind HomeLife Media

Perhaps some of you have wondered about the meaning behind our company name, HomeLife Media. Back in 2008, I was working in the corporate world, finding myself torn between loyalty to my family and loyalty to my company. I began working for this company as a single, 22 year old guy, but I quickly found that marriage life wasn’t exactly compatible with the workaholic culture of the company I worked for. After my wife and I had our daughter, the strain became unbearable. My boss would chastise me for leaving the office at 5pm when others stayed to 6:30. The long commute was taking a toll on my energy and ability to focus on my family while at home.  I began to dream that one day I would be able to use my talents for marketing and growing a business in way that allowed me to put my family first.

Fast forward to 2012, when HomeLife Media launched as a single Facebook page called “I LOVE DOGS” and quickly grew to hundreds and thousands of fans. Before long, we had a thriving business, and many of you were brought on to help us grow even further. All along the way though, we’ve strived to create a work culture that revolves around the commitments we have to our families. We don’t have office hours, or exact work schedules. In some ways, that makes working together more challenging. The goal however, is to allow maximum flexibility and freedom in our personal lives.

Even as I type this, my two year old son is pulling at my leg, begging for me to come play with him (I obliged, of course). Is this the most productive work environment? Of course not. But it’s the most important one.

The ultimate employee benefits are things we all crave, our family and our freedom. It’s not the quantity of the work we do that matters, it’s the quality. It’s not how long you work, it’s what impact you bring. My hope is that HomeLife Media enables you to put first things first in your life. Because when all is said and done, its not work life that matters… it’s HomeLife.

“No amount of success at work can make up for failure in the home.”


Justin Palmer
HomeLife Media Founder

Posted on December 30, 2015 in Team Updates

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